Firearm Transfers

We provide transfer services for firearms. Below are the fees associated with firearm transfers. Please read the Rules and Regulations section on our website for instructions on whats required for transfers.

Transfer Fees:
$55 for all handguns and long guns.
$45 for stripped lowers.
$35 for private party transfers (cash only)
$25 DROS fee
CA Sales tax may apply depending on the type of transfer.

Discounted flat rate transfer fee for law enforcement. Contact us for details.

Transfer fees only apply when you buy a gun from another dealer/person and you have it transferred to us to complete the paperwork. The DROS fee is applied to every sale or transfer.

All transfers are conducted via appointment only, typically on Friday and Saturdays. The best way to contact us and receive a fast response is via email. If you call during the week, expect a call back by Friday. If you need a call back sooner, request it via email. Thank you.